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  • Social Privateers – Solving problems on an ocean near you?

    I came across this last night while watching “Shadow Forces” on the History Channel. Are social privateers going to be the solution to some of the most dangerous threats on the high seas today? Here I was watching a rag tag group of ex-military/special forces, a few brave soles, and a rusty West African fishing boat performing fisheries enforcement boardings off the coast of Liberia, and performing them successfully too! I was blown away.

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  • World's shortest sea trial

    It appears to have been the world’s shortest sea trial for the car carrier DYVI PACIFIC. The ship apparently capsized shortly after leaving the builders yard in Shadong, China. The 6,200 car capcity (ceu) ship had just been recently christened at a ceremony on March 16, 2009 at Samjin Shipbuilding Industries. The ship was departing for trials and was schedulded to be delivered to its owners.

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  • Remember your TWIC card!

    Don’t be left at the gate without a job. Remember, April 15th was the deadline for all U.S. credentialed mariners to obtain and possess a Transportation Workers Identification Card – TWIC. The Coast Guard is now enforcing the TWIC requirement, and therefore all designated waterfront facilities will deny access to those without a TWIC card. If you are a longshoreman, port facility worker, or truck driver needing unescorted access to a designated waterfront facility, you will also need a TWIC.

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  • Mass Maritime offering free program for mariners

    Available at no cost to maritime professionals for the first two years, students have an opportunity to earn up to fifteen college credits by completing the program, which is recognized and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. The Maritime Executive alerts us that the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has launched a new online certificate […]

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  • End of the line for USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg

    Its the end of the line for the USNS Vandenberg…at least as a floating ship. It is getting ready to begin its new life as an artificial reef off Key West, FL. The ship was recently towed from Virginia to Florida in preparation for its sinking in the coming weeks. The ship has been laid up in the James River Naval Reserve Fleet known as the “Ghost Fleet”.

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  • GAO issues report on vessel tracking systems

    For those keeping up with vessel tracking technology, Bryant’s Maritime Blog alerts us that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a report on the review of vessel tracking systems used by the Coast Guard.  Specifically, the report focuses on the duplication of data that the two primary long range tracking methods provide which include […]

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  • Japan deploying patrol aircraft to Horn of Africa

    Lloyd’s List is reporting that Japan is deploying at least 2 P3-C Orion Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) to be based out of Djibouti and used exclusively for anti-piracy patrols.   The P3-C Orion MPA is specifically designed to conduct long range maritime patrols, up to 14 hours in duration and at a range of 4,600 miles […]