Blimp on a cruise ship?


A blimp on a ship? Sort of. I came across these photos of the newly built Oasis of the Seas testing the feasibility of deploying an aerostator tethered balloon. The world’s largest cruise ship afloat was conducting sea trials and added testing the feasibility test of a tethered balloon to the extensive 3-day sea trial period off the shores of Turku Finland.

Will we actually see this concept used when the ship carries passengers? Perhaps not. Royal Caribbean says this is nothing but an experiment, and the company itself gives the project a 50/50 chance of success. Royal Caribbean Chairman Richard Fain says

If we don’t use it on the ship, I will consider it just another of the many ideas our people develop that didn’t work. On the other hand, if it is successful and we do decide to use it on the ship, I will consider it another of my better ideas.

Hard to believe, but true.  I didn’t believe the pictures were real until I found the video on the STX Europe website.  With or without the aerostat, the ship will still be one of the most unique and innovative cruise ships built to this date.  It will have the first shipboard carousel, an outdoor amphitheater, open-air two-story loft suites, and an open-air central park space along the centerline of the after portion of the ship.

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  2. Jeremy says: Reply

    What would be the point? Do people get to ride it? Or is this just for the trap shooting?

    1. I think the idea is that people would be able to take rides on it while the ship is underway, although it could make a great trapshooting target 🙂

  3. John says: Reply

    I talked with the security guy w/ RC last year about his interest to launch UAV’s for security patrols. He said their concern, however, is scaring passengers. I wouldn’t be suppressed if that thing had a camera on it for this purpose.
    Just one theory.

  4. […] Well, it was a short lived, but useful trial.  Apparently the blimp that the new Royal Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the Seaswas testing detached and fell to the ocean during sea trials.  Kudos to Royal Caribbean to having the patience to test this endeavour before putting passengers aboard.  For our previous article on the blimp trial, go here.  […]

  5. Frank says: Reply

    In addition to John’s suggestion that it would have security value, it might also have entertainment and marketing value, videoing passenger’s enjoying themselves on the top decks. 

  6. Bill says: Reply

    Biggest cruise ships amazing.  Cruised on a number of different ships and they all seem to be alike.  Layout is a bit different on various ships but not much difference.  They all seem to have a circus decore.  I believe the cruise director can really make or break your cruise. 

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