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  • Huge Oil Spill near Australia

    There is a growing environmental catastrophe ongoing in the Timor Sea off Australia. Oil and gas condensate has been spilling into the sea since August 21st, when a blowout occurred on the West Atlas mobile platform in the Montara oil field. The blowout forced the evacuation of all 69 workers on the platform, and has challenged response agencies in cleaning-up the resulting massive oil slick. The leaking well head is owned by Thailand’s national petroleum exploration company, PTT Exploration and Production.

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  • Featured Ship – Abeille Bourbon

    I present to you, the salvage tug Abeille Bourbon, a French vessel operated by Bourbon Offshore and chartered by the French Navy for rescue and assistance operations. The vessel is based out of Brest, France and has been involved in several large marine salvage and rescue cases including the MSC Napoli, the Rokia Delmas . It is a sleek vessel, and one of several that the French government has strategically contracted and placed along the French coastline to assist large vessels in peril at a moments notice

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  • Greenpeace hijacks bulk cargo ship

    I bring yet another somewhat older piece of news. Surprisingly, I actually saw very little of this in the mainstream press. Greenpeace is stirring it up down under, albeit relatively peacefully. They hijacked the Hong Kong registered bulk cargo ship East Ambition that was carrying palm kernel from Indonesia, destined for the port of Tauranga in New Zealand. 14 protesters boarded the ship and secured themselves in various areas about the ship to prevent it from mooring or anchoring in Tauranga and unloading its cargo of palm kernels.

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  • Freak Waves

    This is somewhat old, but came across it while surfing the web and figured I’d share with those who might be interested.  This is a special on freak or rogue waves produced by BBC. It goes in depth in the history of rogue waves, and their possible causes.  You can view the special on youtube […]

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  • The E.M. Ford – A lost piece of history?

    I am always interested in learning about unique ships, especially ships with unique propulsion systems. The E.M. Ford struck me as one of the most unique historic American ships (although the vessel became Canadian flagged before she retired).

    The E.M. Ford is a Great Lakes ship, or a “Laker.” Built in 1898, it was a true workhouse, carrying coal, cement, and perhaps a few other cargos across the Lakes on countless voyages. Believed to be one of the last remaining ships with a quadruple expansion steam engine, the E.M. Ford holds a particular importance in the history of Great Lakes Shipping. Engineering buffs recognize the rarity of a quadruple expansion steam engine.

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  • Why are the ships still silent?

    I ran a post on the build-up of cargo ships off Asian ports earlier as the fears of a global recession grew into 2009. A reader brought an interesting article to my attention, and it seems as if the collection of cargo ships has grown even further since early 2009, and is showing no signs of changing. I find this interesting as many have speculated that we have reached bottom and are rebounding back, based primarily on the U.S. stock market and some other economic indicators. What does the continuing stagnation of shipping tell us about where we are at now?

    Does the stockpile of ships off Singapore reveal something more ominous?

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  • Severe Hogging: Tanker splits in two

    Ships are breakable – just another reminder. It appears they really screwed up during tank washing, by not calculating stresses. This results in a condition called “hogging” in which two ends of the ship are loaded, creating extreme stresses at the center of the ship. This appears to be what happened in the case of the T/V Elli.