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  • West Coast Mothball Fleet Shrinking Soon

    It appears that the old MARAD mothball fleet otherwise known as the Suisun Bay Ghost Fleet near Benicia California may soon be drastically shrinking, with many old warships and auxiliary vessels heading to scrappers in Texas.   Many of the ships in the mothball fleet have significant historical value, including several Victory ships and the […]

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  • Shooting Pirates Aboard the COSCO Tianjin – Wait, it’s Not What You Think

    The folks at Maritime Training Services have been shooting some pirates aboard the COSCO Tianjin….all in an effort to bring realistic anti-piracy training to a DVD player near you. Producing a training film aboard a real container ship presents real challenges:  a constantly running generator creates ambient noise, variable lighting and weather conditions cause delays, […]

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  • Damaged ship raises concern in BC

    The Bahamas flagged M/V Petersfield, a 41,000 DWT bulk ship has raised concern with residents living along the coast of British Columbia, Canada after it suffered damage stemming from a reported steering malfunction.  The Canadian Transportation board reported that the ship veered sharply to starboard while underway resulting in the ship hitting the shore.  Water […]