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  • Coast Guard demolishes tallest LORAN antenna

    Here is some graphic proof that LORAN is no longer.  The Coast Guard has demolished the 1350 ft tower at LORAN Station Port Clarence, AK. From the USCG Press Release – JUNEAU, Alaska — The Coast Guard has establish a safety-zone beginning Sunday during preparation for the demolition of the 1,350-foot Long Range Aids to Navigation tower […]

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  • Financial Insecurity after a Maritime Injury

    If you have experienced a maritime injury you may be out of work for a while. You may not know when you can go back to work and start making money again. Everyday your mail box gives you a small stack of bills that you take into your home and add to a larger stack that is beginning to accumulate quickly. You didn’t ask to be injured but now you are left with a painful injury that may or may not get better. Without your income the entire family will start to feel the strain. But you cannot go back to work with an injury.

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  • South Korea raises sunken warship

    Salvage crews have reportedly raised the stern portion of the sunken naval corvette Cheonan in the Yellow Sea. The New York Times brings us news on the raising of the sunken warship – SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea lifted its sunken warship Thursday in waters near the tense border with North Korea, about […]

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  • USS Ashland smokes pirates

    You have to wonder what the pirates were thinking when they decided to fire on a gray warship.  Well, as you can imagine, the warship fired back, hitting the small skiff at setting it ablaze.  We need to see results like this more often.  In the past 10 days, the U.S. Navy has captured 21 […]

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  • The last T-2 tanker

    The last T-2 tanker, in the world is on the way to its final resting place.  The USNS Mission Santa Ynez is a Type T2-SE-A2 tanker, of the Mission Buenaventura Class.  She has been laid-up in the mothball fleet of Suisun Bay, CA since 1975, and in a few days will be departing the San […]