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  • Ship detained after rag found plugging hull

    Well folks, this is how you fail a port state vessel inspection – plug the hole in the side of your merchant ship with a rag!

    Yup, it’s true. The operators of the Russian vessel Baltiyskiy-110 did just that. Apparently the company responsible for the vessel’s operation knew of the hole and told crew members to continue their voyage.

    British inspectors decided otherwise, and now the vessel is detained in Fowey, Cornwall for this and several other serious issues.

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  • Featured Ship – Abeille Bourbon

    I present to you, the salvage tug Abeille Bourbon, a French vessel operated by Bourbon Offshore and chartered by the French Navy for rescue and assistance operations. The vessel is based out of Brest, France and has been involved in several large marine salvage and rescue cases including the MSC Napoli, the Rokia Delmas . It is a sleek vessel, and one of several that the French government has strategically contracted and placed along the French coastline to assist large vessels in peril at a moments notice

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  • The E.M. Ford – A lost piece of history?

    I am always interested in learning about unique ships, especially ships with unique propulsion systems. The E.M. Ford struck me as one of the most unique historic American ships (although the vessel became Canadian flagged before she retired).

    The E.M. Ford is a Great Lakes ship, or a “Laker.” Built in 1898, it was a true workhouse, carrying coal, cement, and perhaps a few other cargos across the Lakes on countless voyages. Believed to be one of the last remaining ships with a quadruple expansion steam engine, the E.M. Ford holds a particular importance in the history of Great Lakes Shipping. Engineering buffs recognize the rarity of a quadruple expansion steam engine.

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  • Deadly Maritime Disasters

    The AP compiled a list of the deadliest and most famous civilian maritime disasters: July 26 or 27, 2009: A sailboat overloaded with Haitian migrants capsizes off the Turks and Caicos Islands. Police recover 11 bodies and about 70 people are believed to be missing. March 29, 2009: Wooden vessel packed with migrants bound for […]

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  • Should we try using Gurkhas?

    Gurkhas take their name after an eight century Hindu warrior-saint.  Known for their tenacity, courage, and unrelenting aggressiveness in battle, Gurkhas have a history in being involved in some very tough fights.  The British probably know Gurkhas the best.  The British first encountered the incredible Gurkhas in 1814 during the Gurkha war against the British […]

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  • Google Dataships?

    Yes, apparently the mighty Google is pursuing putting some of its massive data centers aboard floating platforms at sea in order to secure a more secure and green approach towards storing data.   Google submitted a patent application in February of 2007 for water based data centers.  The patent is primarily to secure rights to the […]

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  • Social Privateers – Solving problems on an ocean near you?

    I came across this last night while watching “Shadow Forces” on the History Channel. Are social privateers going to be the solution to some of the most dangerous threats on the high seas today? Here I was watching a rag tag group of ex-military/special forces, a few brave soles, and a rusty West African fishing boat performing fisheries enforcement boardings off the coast of Liberia, and performing them successfully too! I was blown away.