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  • Floating data centers on the way?

    Several articles surfaced this week revealing the existence two unique but similar barges under construction in San Francisco and Portland, ME.  Both postings provide various clues and indications that Google is behind whatever it is these barges are engaged in or will be engaged in.  I would venture to guess these may be more experimental, […]

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  • To Move Drugs, Traffickers Are Hacking Shipping Containers | Motherboard

    Recently officials in the Netherlands and Belgium discovered a complex scheme to hack computers used at port terminals to track movements of containers in order to allow drug traffickers access to the port facility to essentially steal containers without anybody noticing…until now. Read more about the discovery at the Motherboard An interesting International Maritime Bureau […]

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  • Icebreaker Glacier prepares for final voyage

    It’s nearly the end of the road for the old Coast Guard Icebreaker GLACIER, WAGB-4.  The ship has left the Suisun Reserve Fleet, entered the Mare Island Drydock for hull cleaning, and is now under tow to Brownsville for scrapping.  The ship had been moored in the mothball fleet since 1991 following decommissioning in 1987. The ship […]