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  • Ten essential iPhone apps for the mariner

    The iPhone has become the perfect mobile tool for many of us, myself included. Having just concluded a trip abroad, I was amazed at the access I had while traveling, even if limiting myself to using only freewifi hotspots to avoid roaming charges. With over 150,000 apps, the iPhone still has an advantage over even its newest competitors and with a number like that, there are sure to be a few apps that can benefit those in the merchant marine. Here are 10 apps that I think might just be worth a download.

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  • Shooting Pirates Aboard the COSCO Tianjin – Wait, it’s Not What You Think

    The folks at Maritime Training Services have been shooting some pirates aboard the COSCO Tianjin….all in an effort to bring realistic anti-piracy training to a DVD player near you. Producing a training film aboard a real container ship presents real challenges:  a constantly running generator creates ambient noise, variable lighting and weather conditions cause delays, […]

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  • Are you familiar with NVICs?

    Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circulars (NVIC), usually pronounced “Nav-iks” may be able to help you or your ship in the constant quest to stay in compliance within the maze of regulations and policies.  Here is the Coast Guard’s own description of NVICs – A Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC) provides detailed guidance about the […]

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  • Mass Maritime offering free program for mariners

    Available at no cost to maritime professionals for the first two years, students have an opportunity to earn up to fifteen college credits by completing the program, which is recognized and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education. The Maritime Executive alerts us that the Massachusetts Maritime Academy has launched a new online certificate […]

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  • Massachusetts Maritime Academy Launches Free Online Education Program

    The Maritime Executive reports: Massachusetts Maritime Academy Launches FREE Online Education Program Thursday, September 4th, 2008 BUZZARDS BAY, MA – Massachusetts Maritime Academy was recently awarded a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s “Seafarer’s Environmental Education Fund” to develop and launch the Academy’s first online courses. The grant allows the program to initially […]